Launching social projects locally – curriculum for sustainable agriculture

Comprehensive approach
The paramount goal of the “Social Enterprise Programs” is to contribute to the improvement of the social and economic development. The SEP supports people in their efforts to launch social projects in their villages and creates the prerequisites for this. In workshops the needs and problems of the region are being analysed together and the possibilities to solve these are being consulted about. Furthermore, women are being supported in their efforts to offer alphabetisation courses. Questions concerning the solving of problems and the effective cooperation are being addressed as well as administrative issues that are necessary for the running of social projects. Additionally, scientific and technical skills are being taught and the access to technological know-how is being enabled.

Swift progress
The relatively swift development progress in the region was accomplished through the circumstance that the participants in the new project groups conveyed their knowledge to their ambit and the cooperation with other project groups was accelerated. The swift and above all visible progress motivated the population to improve their level of knowledge and to initiate new project groups.

Specialization on a few areas
In further consequence SEP specialized on a few areas which are of essential importance to a large group of the population. A new project, the “Environmental Action Program”, was called into being. There are two groups of participants: the rural, mostly female population and those participants who will be educated to become trainers. 168 women took part in the courses about agriculture in the past year.