Numerous friends and sponsors engage themselves on a voluntary basis for TwoWings. Well-known artists, economists and scientists support the idea of TwoWings. Read some of the statements and thoughts of these persons concerning TwoWings below.

Prof. Mohammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
"TwoWings is a wonderful initiative", TwoWings Award Presentation 2008.

Jane Goodall

„The TwoWings Award makes me very happy and inspires me in my work for Africa“.

Sir Peter Ustinov

Actor, Cosmopolitan
On the occasion of the Two Wings Award ceremony in 2002: “Many cynics say development-cooperation is like a drop on the hot stone. For me, personally, development work is always a drop into the ocean.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rotraud A. Perner

Psychoanalyst, Member of the Board of Trustees of TwoWings
“TwoWings for me stands for an initiative that had recognized discrimination at a time when Gender Mainstream was not well-known yet. It goes without saying for me to take responsibility in the framework of my possibilities for the TwoWings idea. I would like to make a contribution to peace, justice, love and health and therefore I support TwoWings.”

Andreas Dressler

Publisher and chief editor of ET Multimedia AG
“I have personally experienced the joy and enthusiasm of the great humanist Peter Ustinov concerning TwoWings years ago: Good deeds attract good people. I therefore wish your elaborate and exemplary initiative every support by the economy, politics and media.”

Prof. Frederick Mayer

“TwoWings is one of the most creative and most important attempts to make development aid more philanthropic and more concrete.”

Dr. Susanne Schaup

Authoress, Member of the Board of Trustees of TwoWings
“Often not much is needed to make a great change. In order to give the disadvantaged of this world a chance, above all the insight is necessary that we can only survive as mankind if all survive and share the resources of our earth. The TwoWings Network sends a clear message that a change of awareness is possible in this direction. The fundamental idea of TwoWings is simple and convincing: Only if both wings are intact, the bird can fly. Only if the basic needs of all people are met, there can be peace and true progress.”

Alexandra Eremia

AIESEC Austria
“Seeing the world as a whole, as an integrated-interconnected environment is vital for sustainable development. TwoWings is offering these holistic lenses to the people and fortunately especially to the young people engaged in AIESEC.”

Hitoshi Yamashita

TwoWings friend and supporter
Student and Project Manager AIESEC Warwick UK
“Unity in diversity, sustainable development and equality of opportunity are what we really need to focus on. To achieve those elements, we have to think in a ‘glocal’ way and this is what TwoWings deals with. Together with AIESEC and TwoWings, I am sure that we can all fly and pursue the real sense of happiness without reservations. Volunteering is truly a rewarding experience that can ever do in your life. It will surely be an asset in my life.”

Margit Mayer

HM Financial Services
"We live in a state which offers us a network of social security. Academic education and free decision in the choice of a profession go without saying. One more reason to support people who are lacking the necessary prerequisites for this. Thanks to the excellent humanitarian institution of TwoWings, women receive the possibility of education in developing countries. By means of the many dividend donations and our joint responsibility the TwoWings projects can further thrive."

Lori Noguchi

Project Manager of the “Social Enterprise Program” in China
“The Two Wings initiative is exemplary in the way it promotes the cooperation between North and South as equivalent partners.”

Angelika Preston

Entrepreneur, Member of the Board of Trustees of TwoWings
“Society is going through a stage of development, in which the awareness is constantly growing that everything is interconnected with everything else. In the system family, organization, mankind sound growth can only take place if all parts have their equal position.  Mothers and fathers, co-workers, men and women. TwoWings has set its goal to promote women sustainably so that this balance becomes possible. The fruits of this engagement are encouraging and give hope. To support that, makes sense to me.”

Tammara Umbricht-Boyd

International Communication and Organisation, Member of the Board of Trustees of TwoWings
“TwoWings is a visionary, intelligent and responsible approach to addressing one of the most fundamental and critical issues facing our planet: the education gap. By educating our future mothers we educate entire families and communities. I greatly respect and fully support the TwoWings Foundation for the milestones achieved and in the pioneering work ahead.”

Frau Dr. Thurn-Valsassina

Member of the Board of Trustees of TwoWings, authoress, philosopher
“’To keep the opposites in balance – that is what I call life’. 
Whoever has not yet understood, that the basic law of creation is anchored in the field of tension of opposites and that it is our human duty to keep these forces in balance endangers the world and himself. 
If the overemphasis of one single principle prevails, the male dominates the female, the North the South, the rational the spirit, the economy the culture, the world threatens to tip over like a badly loaded ship. To incorporate the ontological laws into the consciousness and the lives of people again, has induced me to support TwoWings.”

Dr. Katrin Seidel

Editor-in-chief, Lifestyle Magazine Publishing Company
“Simply helpful, supremely human, actually responsible, simply forward-looking and truly exemplary – that for me is the concept of TwoWings. May this good idea “to enable a future through education – releasing human potential” be widely supported in order to be able to assist the concrete individual projects effectively.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Reinalter

“TwoWings also works - among other things - on a strong ethical basis, that agrees in many areas with the idea of the project World Ethic, as for example with the basic consensus over shared values, attitudes and standards and with the concept of the responsibility for a better world-order. TwoWings also supports human rights, freedom, justice and peace in order to contribute to world-peace.”

Prof. DDr. Ervin Laszlo

Founder of the Club of Budapest
“TwoWings means flying in balance, a much needed posture in today’s rapidly evolving but increasingly chaotic times. We need balance, balance between powerful and marginalized, rich and poor, young and old, and woman and man. Balance means love and care for all, with fairness and a constant search for unity in diversity. These are qualities that the TwoWings Network embodies par excellence.”

Daniel Truran

“The beautiful image of the harmonious flight of a bird with its TwoWings balancing its rise, is the perfect metaphor to describe the influence of this foundation across continents, assisting human development by strengthening the role of one of the TwoWings of civilization: that of women. I am honoured to be considered a Friend of this strong yet humble, focused and effective TwoWings Network.”

Univ-Prof. Maitzen

”The objective of TwoWings - to contribute to the balance between "North and South " and between the sexes - is especially worthy of support for me as a representative of one of the oldest peace-movements, that speaks out for a neutral international language and  that commits itself to a humanistic internationalism.”