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The Ministry of Finance has acknowledged TwoWings as humanitarian organization. 
Donations are therefore tax deductible. 

The registration number at the tax authorities is SO 1492. 

The criteria for tax deductibility: 

* Retain all your bills and receipts!
Concerning bank transfers and cash deposits keep the deposit receipts, concerning money transfer orders / credit card debit retain the relevant statement of bank account. The receipt serves as evidence for your donation. 
* Only the person mentioned by name in the receipt can claim the tax deductibility of the amount. Please observe that your name is mentioned. 
* Every amount of your donation is deductible from tax. The amount of the donation deductible adds up to 10 percent of your last year's annual income at most, in regard to businesses 10 percent of the annual profit of the preceding year.

You can thus assert the sum of your donations at the end of the year in your annual tax declaration (employee tax assessment). 

We would be happy to give you a receipt concerning your donation, but please exercise caution: Only your original receipts are legally valid!