1.02.2011 Kneipp bewegt Poverty Reduction - With training future donate
5.12.2008 Wirtschaftsblatt An award for concrete help
4.12.2008 Medianet For a better future
23.11.2007 Medianet Wings awarded for humanity
21.11.2007 Medianet "TwoWings"
9.11.2007 Wirtschaftsblatt Network of humaneness
1.12.2006 Chef Info Education instead of aid supplies
17.11.2006 Wirtschaftsblatt ... and the winner is: Nasrin Siege
17.11.2006 New Business Ninth TwoWings Award was presented to authoress Nasrin Siege
17.11.2006 Wirtschaftsblatt online I want to illustrate the beautiful things of Africa
17.11.2006 Österreich Wirtschaft TwoWings Award goes to Nasrin Siege
1.12.2005 Die Presse Online Doing a good deed with a click
30.11.2005 Medianet TwoWings gives important impetus
16.11.2005 Format A duet with monkey sounds
16.11.2005 Wirtschaftsblatt Jane Goodall yodels with Hubert von Goisern
15.11.2005 Kronen Zeitung Wien The Goisern-Goodall-Connection
1.11.2005 Kleine Zeitung People from Perchtoldsdorf represented prominently at the Award Presentation
5.05.2005 Rundschau Steyr Award for twin brothers from Steyr
3.05.2005 TIPS Twin brothers were presented the ProSocial Award for Upper Austria for their social commitment
3.05.2005 Neues Volksblatt ProSocial Award for Upper Austria
30.04.2005 OÖ Nachrichten ProSocial Award for Upper Austria went to Steyr
3.12.2004 T-mobile Business Class Women soar high
1.12.2004 Welt der Frau Women sustain the country
1.12.2004 Wienerin Heroines of today
27.10.2004 TIPS Humanity award for woman from Linz
23.10.2004 OÖ Nachrichten A clinic for the poorest
21.10.2004 Wirtschaftsblatt Inspiring Award
1.05.2004 Österreichs Wirtschaft TwoWings Award for Dr. Nath-Wiser
1.05.2004 Österreich Wirtschaft Ethical investment is well on its way
1.02.2002 Chef Info Are we in need of a new economic system?
28.01.2002 Die Presse "Men want to grow"
12.12.2001 Wirtschaftsblatt Bird of mankind
1.12.2001 One Country Focusing on service
19.03.2001 FAZ The basket maker
8.05.2000 Wiener Zeitung Seeing the world as entity