March 23, 2021
Effects of Illiteracy on Society

Nowadays, education is one of the most significant social discussions worldwide. It is no secret that when a society struggles with illiteracy, many destructive forces appear.

Facts About the Effects of Illiteracy

In the following section, a part of an article from the World Literacy Foundation in 2019, addresses different factors and effects of illiteracy on the community.

“According to the World Literacy Foundation, 750 million illiterate people can’t read a single word and more than 2 billion people struggle to read and write a sentence.

Illiteracy is a global tragedy. At a glance, we often think illiteracy is the inability to read or write, but what it actually means is a much bigger and more complex issue than one might think.

Therefore, it is important to understand the devastating effects of illiteracy in society that limit the full development of individuals.

Effects of illiteracy on society and children

Children with no access to formal schools

For a moment, imagine not being able to read a simple sign or fill out an employment form. To individuals and families worldwide, having social and economic development remains a real problem.

Breaking the cycle of poverty does not happen overnight, but small steps towards change are achievable through raising awareness and actively talking about the issue. It may not affect us personally, but choosing to avoid the effects of illiteracy and hoping that the problem would solve itself will not provide a solution either.”

You can read about different programs from all over the world to help reduce illiteracy and ways to support them here.