Unlock Potential of Many People in Colombia 

Imagine a world where every woman and girl can reach her full potential. What if you could be the key to making this a reality?

The challenges — such as gender inequality, limited education, and health crises — are formidable, but so is the power of your support.

Your direct impact can transform lives through the local projects supported by TwoWings.


Why Your Support Matters? 

Transforms Lives Beyond Money: Your contribution isn't just financial; it's transformative. You're empowering communities to take charge of their own progress, from planting trees to advocating for well-being.

Amplifies Real-World Impact: Your support serves as an amplifier for the impact of the Community-Driven programs.

Strengthens Community Resilience: Your contributions go directly to initiatives that empower local communities to tackle pressing environmental and social issues.

Helps Build skills for the Future: The program aims to enhance technical skills among community members, and your support makes this possible.

Enhance Your Personal Growth: Supporting a cause goes beyond external impact; it’s a chance to nourish your soul, practice love and empathy, and foster various facets of your character.


Why can you trust TwoWings? 

We’re Recognized and Accountable: Founded in 1996, TwoWings Foundation is registered under Austrian law for trustworthy receiving and responsible allocation of donations, particularly for youth education with an emphasis on girls and women.

We’ve Made a Global Impact: Over 15 programs in 12 countries, with lasting impacts that endure today.

We Embrace Diversity: Our grassroots programs aim to improve education for all, regardless of color, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, etc.

Our Efficiency is Certified: Committed to full transparency, we undergo regular financial audits by A.M. Wirtschaftstreuhand, a reputable auditing and tax consulting firm. This ensures that every donation you make is put to its most effective use.


Ready to Be the Change? 

Empower Colombian communities with us through sustainable projects in partnership with FUNDAEC. We are here to facilitate:

  • Education & Financial Growth: Providing practical education to enhance community finances.
  • Agroforestry & Food Security: Boosting eco-friendly farming with our “Planting Trees” initiative, raising both food availability and income.
  • Urban & Rural Growth: Our collaborative projects with FUNDAEC in Cali & Puerto Tejada focus on urban gardening and agroforestry, aiming to secure food systems and conserve nature.
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