Every Contribution Counts

TwoWings supports development programs worldwide and your generous donations support TwoWings. This humble root can have a major impact on girl’s and women’s lives.

The educational program aims to inspire local people to take responsibility for their families, community, and region’s developments through the skills, knowledge, and values they achieve in this path.

Secure Donations

The data is transmitted via an encrypted SSL Internet connection and is secure at all times.


The Ministry of Finance has recognized TwoWings as a humanitarian organization. Donations are, therefore, tax-deductible.

The registration number at the tax office is SO 1492.

The criteria for settleability:

- Since January 1, 2017, anyone who is a resident of Austria and has donated to a domestic donation organization and would like to deduct the donation from tax can no longer claim this donation in their tax return. The donation organizations are obliged to transmit the data to the tax office themselves. The donated amount is automatically transferred and taken into account in the tax assessment.

- A prerequisite for the automatic data exchange is that the donor announces his/her first and last name and date of birth to the donation organization. The data must be unconditionally correct. In particular, the name spelling must match the spelling in the Central Register of Residents.

IBAN:AT07 1917 0000 1006 5001