Swing with Your Heart

TwoWings Golf Cup is an international tournament series that provide opportunities for golfers to participate in the tournaments and offer their support at the same time. Golf clubs and golfers will contribute to the improvement of the educational programs of TwoWings with emphasis on girls and women in disadvantaged areas.

Join us! Swing with Your Heart to integrate joy and responsibility.

At the TwoWings Golf Cup partner clubs, all can participate in the tournament. You also have the possibility to play a starting place at the Grand Final Tournament.

TwoWings Golf Cup partner clubs are listed below. Find your suitable date on the club’s calendar, play, and be one of the winners of TwoWing Prizes.

Become a TwoWings Golf Club Partner

Change the world and create the future with Education. Your interest in the TwoWings network allows us to support long-term programs and invest particularly in girls and women’s future.

Thank you for your consideration.

We will contact you soon through the information you give us in the following. Find out without obligation.

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Mr. Hagara, the Attersee Golf club manager, one of the TwoWings partner clubs, is telling us, in this video, about the “Swing with Your Heart” for everyone interested in golf and social responsibility.

This video was produced by the supports of Vion Company one of the business partners of TwoWings.