Who Supports Us 

Are you looking for a partner for your corporate social responsibility?

TwoWings offers you individual solutions on how you can benefit as a business or association.

For more than 25 years, TwoWings has supported educational programs for everyone especially girls and women in underprivileged regions in the world. The focus is on increasing people's capacity to implement and manage resources and activities.

As a Business

The Business is part of TwoWings’ corporate social responsibility program that supports their activities. According to TwoWings’ experiences, Businesses can use appropriate suggestions which are offered to them. As a TwoWings’ ambassador, by striving for better publicity, announcing their events, and promoting donations instead of gifts a business can contribute to achieve purposes.

As a Golf Club

Various partner Golf clubs support the TwoWings vision to create the future with education and give people the tools to shape their lives and improve the conditions on their own. The TwoWings Golf Cup series support the development programs.


Shaping the World for the Better with Your Commitment

TwoWings Partner Businesses 


Thank You

Thanks to many voluntary and competent supporters

We appreciate living in a loving, responsible, and caring community which contributes to the betterment of the world with time, skills, and financial means. With generous donations, thousands of people were able to receive education support during this period.