22Aug, 22
TwoWings Supports the “Planting Hope” Program in Los Palmitos

Many thoughtful and forward-looking efforts are trying to stop climate change and save the earth. Trees are receiving more attention for their role in cooling the climate, absorbing and storing massive amounts of carbon ...

27Jul, 22
Dr. Jane Goodall in TwoWings Award Ceremony

The TwoWings Award Ceremony took place on November 14, 2005, in the Natural History Museum of Vienna entrance hall. The Board of Trustees of the TwoWings presented the TwoWings award to personalities who had been involved ...

23May, 22
Girls’ Education: Problems Facts and How to Help

Imagine a country that bans girls’ education and prevents them from going to middle school; unimaginable, right? Now think about the fact that such an offensive matter is happening in some countries of the world. It’s a wonder ...

20Jan, 22
Agroforestry Shapes the Future of Colombia

Let's travel to a country that is dressed in green and blessed with brown fertile soil. This is Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world after Brazil and home to many species and ground for different types of native ...

30Jun, 21
May 2021 TwoWings Final Tournament Report

The final tournament of TwoWings from the "Swing with Your Heart" Golf Tournament series of 2020 took place from 28th to 30th of May 2021. Upon arriving in the beautiful Bad Kleinkirchheim, we were warmly welcomed at ...

23Mar, 21
Effects of Illiteracy on Society

Nowadays, education is one of the most significant social discussions worldwide. It is no secret that when a society struggles with illiteracy, many destructive forces appear. ...

23Sep, 19
Anna’s Experiences with FUNDAEC in Colombia

This summer, our employee, Anna, visited the FUNDAEC organization in Colombia and you will read some of Anna’s experiences with FUNDAEC. FUNDAEC’s programs have been supported by TwoWings for years. In the course of ...